Friday, November 6, 2009

Home Schooling

Many people still lay with the home schooling. Home schooling is a form of teaching and learning activities are conducted informally at home. Home schooling is usually used for children who have difficulty in socializing (someone who is rejected everywhere, not just at one school), it is not possible to leave the house (eg: a person who had a skin disease that should not be exposed to the sun, so forbidden to leave the house) , or someone who does not have much free time usually occurs for artists.
My own father that "home schooling only for children who have trouble (read: abnormalities-as in the example above) where the parents want their children aberration."

Parent anxiety for the future of children makes it difficult to make decisions for parents in determining the formal schools or home schooling. Most parents choose home schooling because they want to eliminate child's sense of dependence on others or in other words create a sense of independence in children. That's good because self-reliance can be created in less formal schooling. With home schooling a child can be more concentrated and can meningkankan children's academic value, does not deny that academic values play a role in the acceptance of work. However, a good way to socialize will be difficult to form with home schooling. My brother said: "the company will not accept someone who is a high academic value, but value worknya time low." And it was as good as any enterprise system that will be created without the existence of socialization and cooperation it will not work.

When we see in terms of pshycologynya, child home schooling tend to have a selfish nature, because they are not used to share and understand the condition of other people. If they follow in a panel discussion, child home schooling mostly silent because they are not accustomed to appreciate their thoughts, or likely to be active until they could not accept the opinions of others. We already know that home schooling children will only have a few friends, or even the friends they have is an electronic device or a friend of the virtual world. And a lesson not only in the can through books or teachers, but also from experience, while how children can get a lot of their daily experience, if only in the house. Because cooperation is not required in home schooling, home schooling children will have difficulty in solving problems together and also lacks a good leadership position. And another thing, a strong friendship, a difference of opinion that appear to impose a major conflict to immediately find a solution, sensitive to others, and various problems in finding their identity would not exist if we followed home schooling.

I hope this discussion can help the parents to choose the best path for their child's education. And I hope parents do not impose their will on the grounds the interests of children.

By: Kamila Muthmainnah